Staffing Application

Thank you for your interest in Camp Whitsett staffing.

Your staff application has been submitted and is under consideration.  Please remember for your application to be considered for an interview you need to complete the second part of the application.  You can find that information below along with a downloadable PDF.

Application Part 2

*Please note you need to complete part one of the application before proceeding to part two.  Part one of the application can be found here.

Please respond to the questions below in a word document and email that word document to me no later than December 30th.  You can also download the  information below which also contains samples of how to answer the questions.

1) BSA Membership: Please provide us with your BSA Membership number. If you do not know yours, you can contact your local council office to retrieve it. If you are not currently a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, please respond with: “Not Registered.”  It is ok to not be registered, we will have you register as a scout upon being hired.

2) Dates of Availability:  The 2017 Whitsett summer scout camp season runs from Sunday June 11th through Sunday July 30th.  We are considering keeping the majority of staff on for the entire summer.  When giving your dates of availability it is extremely vital that your maximum availability be given as many hiring decisions are made on this basis. Therefore we stress that the dates given are from the day after school ends in the spring, until the day before school begins in the fall, or similarly expansive amounts of time. We will also be having a few work parities to help set up camp and take camp down, we ask that all staff make time in their schedules to help out with the work parties.  We will be having them in April and May to set up camp and in September to take camp down.  Please keep that in mind as we will need help from everyone.

* The CIT program is a 4 week commitment, CIT will have the choice to either work the first half of the summer (June 11 to July 8) or the second half of the summer (July 2 to July 30).  For CIT date of availability please let us know which half of the summer you are able to work.*

3) Personal Essay: Choose one of the following prompts and respond to the question in a one-page essay. The letter should be typed using no higher than 12pt. font.

  1. Option One: If you were to write a book about your life experiences to this point what would you title that book?  Explain why you have chosen that title, also explain what events you would write about in this book.
  2. Option Two: Pick any fictional character and describe to us why that character would make an excellent Camp Whitsett staff member in the top position you are applying for.
  3. Option Three: Choose a prominent person (living, deceased, or fictional) who you would like to interview and explain why.

** The last two question only need to be completed if you have not worked on Camp Whitsett Staff in the past**

4) References:  Two References are required for all applicants. One should be an adult member of your unit, or a community leader (Civic, religious, youth, etc.). The second should be a teacher, college official, or supervisor.  Please list references in the following format:

  1. Name, Title or Position, Address, City, State, Zip, Day Time Phone Number
  2. Name, Title or Position, Address, City, State, Zip, Day Time Phone Number

5) Letter of Recommendation:  One letter of recommendation is required for all applicants from one of your above references.  The top right hand corner of the letter must include the applicant’s name. It must be received no later than December 30th, 2016.  Please have your letter of recommendation emailed to

Remember that part one and part two of the application is due December 30th.  If you do not complete part two then your application might not move on to the interview process.  You should answer all questions to this part on a word document and email that to

By February you will receive an email  about interviews, so please remember to check your email around that time to get information about our hiring process.

If you have any questions, please email Joshua Bryan, Camp Whitsett Program Director, at