Are You Interested in:

  •  Learning new skills?
  • Teaching others?
  • Having a summer-long adventure?
  • Living and working in the breathtaking Sequoia National Forest?
  • Making lifelong friends?

If you answered yes to these questions then YOU are what we need for Camp Whitsett Staff!  We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, energetic, and ready for adventure. As a staff member you will teach Scouts of all ages outdoor skills, environmental awareness, swimming, shooting, climbing, and more. Outside of the classroom, staff members learn countless valuable skills that will serve them well in their professional and personal lives, all while living in an awe-inspiring mountain environment.  Those who work at Camp Whitsett will lifelong friends, members of a community that includes hundreds of interesting and engaged alumni from around the country. Join the family, apply for Whitsett Staff 2018!

Our application deadline is December  30th.   If you apply after December 30th then we will be contacting you on a as needed basis.  Which means that if we still have openings after our first round of hiring, then we will be calling or emailing you for a interview.

If you are interested in a Director position for staff your application deadline is November 30th for both part 1 and part 2 of the application.

Please make sure to read all parts of the application as some information has changed.  This year we have three parts to our application.  This online one is the first part, the second part is described on the page you are sent to after you complete the online application.  Both parts of the application are due by December 30th, applicants who do not fill out both parts of the applications may not be considered for the third part which is the interview.  Please remember you are responsible for completing all parts of the applications.

To help new applicants get a better understanding of the different job opportunities, check out our jobs description page, which gives you a basic understanding and description of most of the jobs you can apply for.

Apply for the Whitsett Staff Today !

wh2016-7793If you have questions, contact Aaron Briseno, Camp Whitsett Program Director, at whitsett.pd@gmail.com, or Corwyn Asbury, Camp Whitsett Business Director, at whitsett.bm@gmail.com.