Staff Duties Descriptions

Camp Whitsett Staff Duties Descriptions

This is a general break down of duties and assignments for camp staff, below you will find descriptions for specific jobs. If something interests you, read the duties to get a better understanding of what is expected from you in that specific job.

All Camp Staff Duties:
• All staff members are Camp Staff
• You are here to help the camp in any job that is needed.
• Help troops with any problems.
• Participate in and staff all camp wide activities.
• Follows the directions of the Camp Director and Program Director.
• Follow directions of specific area director.
• Responsible for all duties of your program area.
• Other duties as assigned.

Area Directors Duties:

• Operation and safety of program areas.
• Area staff scheduling and evaluation.
• Attend Director Meetings.
• Carry out area program as developed for scouts, patrols, and units.
• Chairperson at area staff meetings.
• Direct and supervise area.
• Maintenance, storage of equipment.
• Opening and closing inventories and end of the year report.
• Leader training.
• Responsible for all classes taught by staff.
• Responsible for clear and concise skill sheets.
• Attend mid-week Leader meetings to inform adult leaders of the progress of their Scouts.
• Work with Program director to implement camp program.
• Inform camp management of problems in area.
• Be a good role model for staff.
• Other duties as assigned.
• Other area specific jobs.

Business Director Duties
• Oversee operations of trading post and camp offices.
• Accident/insurance reports.
• Assist in hiring, training and evaluation of staff.
• Audio/Visual Equipment.
• Business staff scheduling.
• Past due fees paid in camp.
• Contracting.
• Discipline of business staff.
• Inventories all shipments to camp.
• Oversees ordering, issuing, storage, and inventory of camp equipment.
• Oversee business and commissary deliveries.
• Payroll, petty cash, and banking
• Postal service.
• Pre-camp council office work.
• Record keeping, control of summer camp budgets.
• Staff lounge, health lodge, offices.
• Other duties as assigned. Commissioners Duties
• Assist troops in developing a well rounded daily program.
• Answer any questions, comments, or concerns that may come up.
• Be recognized as a problem solver.
• Get any information a troop wants.
• Customer service rep for troops you are assigned.
• Constant availability to troops by participating in activities, visiting campsites, eating with troops.
• Demonstrate scouting skills as needed.

All Area Instructors Duties:
• Teach classes as assigned by area director.
• Have a prepared and approved set of lessons plans including objectives, activities, and checks for understanding for each class period.
• Assist in the set-up and take-down of camp.
• Be well versed in merit badge lesson plans.
• Be well versed in all aspects of areas programs and activities.
• Update and organize weekly skill sheets.
• Inform Area Director of any problems immediately.
• Care and maintenance of area equipment.
• Participate in camp wide activities (i.e. campfires, aquacade).
• Good role model for campers.

Service Staff Duties:
• Collect laundry by cabin.
• Wash, dry, fold, and return laundry to cabin.
• Keep laundry room clean and neat at all times.
• Clean health lodge and staff lounge.
• Make rounds to all camp bathrooms and clean them.

Trading Post Staff Duties:
• Responsibilities as assigned by Trading Post Manager.

• Keep Trading Post storage area clean, clear and organized.
• Stock Shelves and coolers as needed.
• Serve customers in Trading Post.

Camp Clerk Duties:
• Compiles a list of campers, especially those without rifle consent.
• Fireguard chart posting.
• Keeps business office neat and orderly.
• Maintain camp files.
• Skill sheet distribution, collecting, and filing.
• Camp records and rosters collecting and filing.
• Sort incoming and outgoing mail.
• Prepare leaders’ packets at the being and the end of week.
• Camp typist.
• Direct camp phone operations.
• Responsible for filling out and correcting of blue sheets for each week.
• Make buddy tags for the week.
• Assign camp sites for the week and have checked by Program Dir. or Activity Dir.
• Inventory of all shipments to camp.
• Track who is in and out of camp.

Maintenance Crew Chief Duties:
• Direct and supervise maintenance crew.
• Collaborate with Resident Ranger and Business Director to implement maintenance schedule.
• Implementation of camp health and safety policies.
• Maintain, repair, and care for camp equipment under supervision of Resident Ranger.
• Implement camp waste management.
• Compliance with duties for an Area Director.

Counselor in Training (CIT)
• Takes part in the CIT training be done by the CIT Director.
• Learns about camp, its procedures, and its activities.
• Learns how to write a lesson plan and how to teach a class.
• Works in the program area and follows the directions of the director of that area.
• Work with area staff to help teach merit badges.
• Unpaid four week staff position.

Maintenance Crew Duties:
• Assist crew chief and Resident Ranger in implementation of camp health and safety policies and procedures.
• Maintenance and care of camp equipment.
• Clean restroom twice daily.
• Complete maintenance request forms.
• Issue tools and equipment to staff and campers.
• Ensure trash is picked up and disposed of daily.

Dining Hall Steward Duties:
• Keeps dining hall clean.
• Make sure dining hall is ready for all meals.
• Work with kitchen to make sure specialty items are ready for the meal.
• Watch over all dining hall operations during meals.

Sierra Expeditions Duties:
• Knows specific skills for taking groups out into the backcountry (hiking, biking, climbing, etc.).
• Is responsible for preparing all food and gear for group.
• Helps create itinerary for trip.
• Teaches group need skills for their trip.
• Teaches group LNT and cooking best practices in the backcountry.
• Is responsible for taking groups out and responsible for the groups wellbeing.

Head Cook Duties:
• Prepare meals for guests and camp staff.
• Maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.
• Calculate and control quantity of food prepared.
• Ensure coordination between food service and guests.
• Helps train kitchen staff.

Kitchen Manager Duties:
• Supervises food service staff, to include dishwashers and dining hall staff.
• Oversee Commissary operations.
• Coordinate camp food service operations with Head Cook.
• Conduct weekly inventory of all food stock.
• Prepare weekly food order.
• Monitor and submit all food service employee timecards.
• Maintains cleanliness and orderliness of all food storage areas.
• Train and supervise food service staff.
• Ensure coordination between food service and guests.

Kitchen Staff Duties: 
• Help in preparing food for meals.
• Helps in cleaning up after all meals.
• Follows the directions given by the Head Cook and Kitchen Manager.
• Ensure coordination between food service and guests.