The Beaver Leadership Training


The Beaver Program is a Leader Training Program at Camp Whitsett.  The program is an orientation for boys who are either in leadership roles for the unit or plans to be in leadership roles for the unit in the future.  Participants in the program come up a week before the camp starts to get oriented with the camp and all its programs.  This will give the unit an edge up in their coming week, because the youth leadership will know what activities are going on through out the week and how to sign up for them. Participants must be 14 years or older.

Participants will get the opportunity to: 

  • Earn at least two merit badges while at camp.
  • Participate in all camp activities including (sentinel peak, cat eye, bike rides, and much more).
  • Will work on leadership training (including how to plan a meeting, how to plan a unit camp-out, and how to help the unit with advancement).

This program is designed to have the youth leadership in a unit give the adults a hand with the troop while they are at camp, including knowing where merit badges classes are being held and knowing who to talk to for different activities and information that is needed.

Cost is only $175/participant, including activities, accommodations and food.

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