Whitewater Rafting

As the summer heats up we cant wait to get out and play in the water. Camp Whitsett offers Whitewater Meritbadge as well as 2 types of trips to go out and have a fun time. This information is for the 2017 summer.  As some special notes about Whitewater Rafting is we work with a whitewater rafting company called Sierra South located in Kernville, you will need to contact them directly to make a reservation for your groups trip.  You as a unit will also need to provide transportation from camp to Sierra South and back, the camp staff does not provide transportation for trips.  For those interested Sierra South has a van and bus service that you can use for an additional cost.  Please see that below for more information about transportation.

Check out the video below to see what it is like


Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Kern River, California from Sierra South Paddle Sports on Vimeo.

Directions for Online Reservations:

We are proud to offer the availability to Pre-Reserve your rafting trips online for Camp Whitsett. You can go to our website, www.sierrasouth.com/reserv.htm, click on the link that says “Click here to make a reservation”, choose “Camp Whitsett” under any type and select the dates that you want to participate in the rafting activities. After clicking on “Go”, a schedule will come up with available trips and you can go ahead and make your reservation. Use the coupon codes that are listed below so that you get the Special Camp Whitsett price. If you have any problems with this or have more questions please contact 1-(800)-457-2082.

Included in this Packet:

Sign Up Sheet – You can use the attached sign up sheet to organize your rafting adventures. Please use a separate sheet for each different adventure the boys will be attending. You can use this to keep track of which scouts are attending which trip, who has paid, and who has handed in a release forms.

Release Form – There is a copy of the current release form included in this packet. Each scout will need to have this filled out by an adult prior to arrival and brought with them the day of their trip.

Available Activities: **Prices are subject to change in January**

Lickety Split – Ourworld-famous Lickety-Split raft trip is far and away the most popular and affordable Class 2-3 whitewater rafting run available on the Kern River. It is full of enough excitement to challenge just about everyone.  Before your river trip, a Sierra South professional river guide will provide you with a trip overview, paddling gear and a paddle talk. Then it’s anchors away for three miles of jam-packed action on Kern River rapids such as Little Mama, Big Daddy, Straight Shot, Freight Train, and Ewings.   Times 10:00AM, 11:30PM  & 1:00PM     Cost – $32.50 a person*

Lickety Blaster – This is our most popular trip. If you’re itching’ for a longer Kern River whitewater escapade, try our Lickety- Blaster. First, “get your feet wet” on a Lickety-Split run. Then, head back up river once more to put your newly honed whitewater skills to the test on a second Lickety Split run.       Time 9:30AM & 12:30PM       Cost – $48.25 a person*

Combo/Merit Badge – For a whole day of whitewater fun, try the best of both worlds! Come rafting and inflatable kayaking all in one day. Enjoy a half-day of rafting and then after lunch enjoy another half day on the water in Inflatable Kayaks. See Whitewater Merit Badge Book. Pre requisite is canoeing or kayaking merit badge. Lunch is provided by Camp Whitsett and arrangements need to be made with them prior to the trip so that lunches can be ready the morning of the trip.  Time 9:30AM    Cost – $110.25 a person*

Transportation – Transportation between our store and Camp Whitsett is not included with your trip. If you would like to reserve transportation to and from camp with a driver, there are buses available for $200.00 or vans available for $125.00. Buses hold up to 48 scouts and vans hold up to 9 scouts. Round trip Bus service $200.00  /   Van service $125.00  No coupon necessary.

Wet Suite Rental – Sierra South also has wet suite rentals which they are highly recommending for the first half of the summer as the water is colder this year then normal.  These rentals are a additional charge and are a little cheaper if you Pre-Pay for the rentals.  More information about this can be found on the order form.

* A 5% US Forest Service Land Use fee will be applied to all rafting trips. This tax is only for the trip and does not apply to transportation or wet suite rental.