Employment FAQ

Employment FAQ

Q. When does camp start and end?
A. Directors’ week starts June 7th, Staff Week starts June 11th and the program is from June 18th – July 23rd (5 weeks).

Q. What if I can’t commit to the entirety of the dates listed above?
A. Paid staff will need to commit to at least 4 weeks between June 7th and July 23rd. Volunteers who have worked at camp previously can commit to one week. New volunteers should commit to at least 2 weeks.

Q. What is a CIT?
A. CIT or Counselor in Training is a staffer who is 14 years old and a volunteer for their first summer. Our CIT program allows young staff to gain the skills needed to be a successful Merit Badge Counselor. CITs will rotate through the various areas during their stay. This allows them to get an idea of where they would like to permanently staff for the following season.

Q. Do CITs get paid?
A. CITs are 14 years old and volunteer their time. Once they turn 15 and are in a dedicated area, they are eligible to be paid staff.

Q. How long does a CIT need to commit to?
A. CITs should commit to at least half of the summer to get the most out of the program. However, they are welcome to extend their original commitment to as much as the whole summer.

Q. Are meals and housing provided?
A. All paid staff will have Room and Board automatically deducted from pay. Camp will provide 3 meals a day as well as housing. Our volunteers/ CITs will not be charged R&B.

Q. Do Staff sleep in tents?
A. Camp Whitsett has Cabins with electricity. Cabins have lockers, drawers, and personal lights. Each cabin sleeps 8.

Q. Do I have to be a Scout to work at Camp Whitsett?
A. No. Camp Whitsett employs many non–Scouters during the summer. If you are someone who exemplifies the values of the Scout Oath and Law, you might be the right fit for our Crew!

Q. Do I have to wear a uniform?
A. Yes. We wear two uniforms: Field and Activity. Both consist of forest green shorts or pants and staff socks. The Field uniform consists of a venture button up whole the activity uniform is our standard staff t-shirt

Q. Do we have to stay at camp during our off time?
A. Staff are welcome to leave camp during the 24-hour period of time off. There are policies and procedures in place for staff who are under 18 as well as 18-21.

Q. This would be my first job, is that ok?
A. Being on the Camp Whitsett staff is a great way to grow your work experience and gain many new skills. Over the course of the summer, staff will engage in leadership, communication, problem solving, customer service, networking, creating lifelong relationships and so much more.