What Is It?

C.P.T. is Sierra Expeditions’ premier character-and leadership-development program. Intended for units’ youth leaders and older scouts, this program focuses on challenging outdoor activities and learning opportunities designed with the interests and abilities of young adults in mind. As older scouts transition into roles of greater and greater responsibility, it is not uncommon that they become disinterested in scouting. This is because the greater responsibilities with which older scouts are shouldered are often not met with greater opportunity. C.P.T. is that opportunity. Older scouts will adventure alongside others of their own age in a challenging and engaging outdoor learning environment while developing the skills necessary to be confident and capable youth leaders.

What Do You Do?

The program is a week-long progression of adventurous activities that can include hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, C.O.P.E., climbing, and more. In C.P.T., the emphasis will be placed on wilderness ethics and outdoor risk management, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and leadership theory and application. Of all the programs offered by Sierra Expeditions, C.P.T. affords the greatest diversity of activities. As part of the design of this program, the specific schedule of activities changes from week to week to meet the needs and wants of each group.

Who Is It For?

Not including guides, this program requires a minimum of four participants, with a maximum of ten. If less than four participants from your unit are interested, still encourage them to attend C.P.T. as they will join older scouts from other units at base camp. The program develops differently each week based upon the unique dynamics of each group of participants. Two trained staff members will guide the program based on the skills and needs of the group.

Older scouts may participate in the C.P.T. program as individuals, or during the week that their troop is at Camp Whitsett. As C.P.T. consists largely of day excursions, units that send participants through the program the same week they are at camp will still periodically see the scouts they have sent through the program.
Due to the demanding nature of the program, all participants are asked to prepare for a challenging week. Participants must be at least 14 years of age and not older than 21 by the first of June of the year attending, as well as meet the BSA height/weight requirements.

Focusing on Leadership, Education, and Training

As Lord Baden-Powell himself said, “A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room”. Therefore, the formal trainings offered as part of the C.P.T. program tend to limited Leave No Trace and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops or Crews. All other learning will be achieved by doing, a hallmark of the scouting program. By the end of a C.P.T. program, participants will possess a greater understanding of their role as a youth leader, enhanced by the learning opportunities afforded by the outdoors.