Cycle Light, Camp Heavy!

Our Cycling program lets you bike with nothing more than the essentials, but camp in supreme comfort. Unlike backpacking, participants won’t carry all of their equipment at all times. Rather, the Sierra Expeditions box trailer will be loaded with all overnight gear and amenities, and meet cycling crews at overnight locations. This allows participants to focus on the enjoyable part of the week: the riding! Along the routes are places to stop and explore, or to take part in different program offerings, such as climbing and hiking. Cooking in the mornings and evenings will be as it were for a typical car camping trip, while lunches will be carried in the cyclists’ day packs. The mobile kitchen has everything a crew will need for outdoor cooking: folding tables, propane stoves and lanterns, Dutch ovens and briquettes, stocked patrol boxes, and coolers for refrigerated items.

Uniquely Beautiful Surroundings!

Facilitated by regular vehicular travel from overnight sites to new trailheads, participants will experience more of the wonder of the southern Sierra than is possible with any of the other programs offered by Sierra Expeditions. Itineraries can stretch from the flats of Lake Isabella, to the scattered peaks of the Kern Plateau Mountains; from the gullies of the Tule River drainage, to the alpine lakelands north of Camp Whitsett. Along the way, participants will enjoy hiking among Giant Sequoias, rock climbing, stargazing, and much more. There is no better way to see as much of the southern Sierras as with Sierra Cycling.

Leave the Logistics to Us!

All cycling treks include all necessary permits, bicycles and safety equipment for participants, transportation from overnight sites to trailheads and back to camp, food and kitchenware, guide(s), bicycle maintenance equipment (in the use of which guide(s) are trained), and other necessities, including emergency communication technology, water purification, and first aid kit. Participants may use personal bicycles and safety equipment, pending inspection by Sierra Expeditions staff. All other personal equipment, including fishing gear and permits, is the responsibility of the individual participant.

Group Bonding Experience!

The goal of the Sierra Cycling program is to inspire in participants a renewed or emboldened sense of adventure and a happy sense of camaraderie among fellow scouts. Few outdoor activities foster the sort of group dynamic that cycling does, and with none other can a participant go as far and do as much. These qualities combine to afford a unique and challenging opportunity for adventure amidst friends. As part of the program, participants will learn the basics of bicycle maintenance and safety, and itinerary planning, and will be encouraged to continue seeking adventure in the saddle to grow as scouts and people.