2016 Registration

Join us next summer at Camp Whitsett for another epic season of mountain adventure. Registration has just opened for the 2016 Summer.

We would like the registration process to be as easy and simple as possible, so read  How to Register for 2016 Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Whitsett.

Welcome to Camp Whitsett

2015 Registration Now Open

Join us next summer at Camp Whitsett for another epic season of mountain adventure. Registration has just opened for the 2015 Summer. Register troops now to take advantage of our early bird special, which allows one adult leader to attend free of charge for each ten that attend with the unit. This offer will close on December 1st.

We would like the registration process to be as easy and simple as possible, so read  How to Register for 2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Whitsett.

September 2013


Thank you! 2014 by the Numbers

Thank you for supporting Boy Scout Camping this summer, by attending a camp in our council or in another council, you are allowing the Boy Scouts to continue to offer an essential part of the adventure and immersive leadership training. The Western Los Angeles County Council served a total 22,157 youth and adults at three Camp facilities in 2013: Camp Emerald Bay, on the West End of Catalina Island, Camp Whitsett, in the Sequoia National Forest, and Camp Josepho, in the Pacific Palisades. 8,161 of those were Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts attending Summer Camp over the 2013 summer. They came from 418 units from as far as Texas, Washington, all parts of California, and even Beijing. 13,996 of those guests came with YMCA weekends, church groups, outdoor education classes, retreats, or off-season Boy Scout events in the Fall and Spring. The camping department extended $66,222 in financial aid, in camperships, to help 457 Scouts attend one of our summer camp programs. The Western Los Angeles County Council was able to successfully serve so many youth through the support of all of the adult leaders, scouts, volunteers and staff that came out to camp this summer. Thank you! (more…)

July/August 2013


Cub Family Weekends Coming Up!

Thousands of Boy Scouts have been pouring into Whitsett and Emerald Bay this summer to participate in action-packed summer camp activities on the water and in the mountains, but Cub Scouts can join in on the summer fun this August before getting back to school. Join us at either Camp Whitsett or Camp Emerald Bay for a Cub Family Weekend. Camp Whitsett’s Cub Family Weekend is a tradition that has continued for over 15 years and typically sells out, so make sure that you register your family here before it fills again this year. This is only the second year that Emerald Bay has hosted a Summer Cub Family weekend, so ciome out and see the Island during the warmest months of the year! These are the perfect way to close out your Scouting Summer! Find more information and register for Whitsett Cub Family Weekend here, this program costs only $60/person. You can find more information and register for Emerald Bay’s Cub Family Weekend here! (more…)

June 2013


10 Tips to Making Your Camp Experience More Comfortable

  1. Bring a bed sheet. It’s a reality at camp that you will go to bed at some point sweaty, exhausted, and maybe even a little sandy. But a little fabric between you and a polyester mattress cover goes a long way to a good (rash-free) night’s rest.
  2. A little rope can go a long way. It’s a versatile tool to help improve your campsite- it can be a clothesline, lantern hanger, backpack accessory or adults-only cordon.
  3. Waterproofing. Emerald Bay and Whitsett each have their unique water hazards. A pocho for the mountain and dry bag for the island will make you the smartest guy in the room when things go south.
  4. Wear your water shoes to all of your waterfront merit badges. Wet sneakers and sore feet aren’t the best way to start the week.
  5. Bring some spending cash.Want the daily dessert special or that cool branded souvenir from the trading post? Oh yes you do.
  6. Footware-it’s what’s inside that counts. Bring 7 pairs of socks to keep your feet (and tent-mate) happy.
  7. Bring a separate towel for bathing. Nobody wants to smell like the waterfront right after a shower.
  8. Bring an electric lantern (and extra batteries) to hang inside your tent. It’s hard to read in the dark.
  9. Sunscreen and Chap Stick are lifesavers in the outdoors. Scouts who protect themselves from the sun have more fun than lobster-scouts.
  10. Take a seat. A camp chair can make downtime in your campsite infinitely more comfortable. And it’s a fantastic leadership aide… (more…)

May 2013


  • Summer is coming! Make sure you have read through your Camp Leaders Guide to prepare.
  • Visit your local Scout Shop on May 18th to prepare for summer Camp. Shops will have packing lists, a chance to meet the staff and ask last minute questions, and seminars that will prepare you for camp. The Scout store will also give a $20 gift card for each purchase of $100 or more.
  • Leader’s Guides are available for all Camp Josepho Programs. Check them out to answer your questions about these brand new programs or to see what will be new in store for 2013.
  • Registration is still open at Emerald Bay, Whitsett and Josepho
  • Like Emerald Bay and Whitsett on Facebook!

Whitsett “Gets Some Work Done”

Camp Whitsett is in the midst of a major facelift in anticipation of a highly anticipated summer. Two new storage sheds in the Scoutcraft area will replace the post-apocalyptic -rusty-bus shells that used to house the program equipment. A new storage shed is also in the works for the Pathfinder program and a new fence at the Waterfront will keep things looking fresh and clean. But the most ambitious project of this spring, however, is the refurbished nature lodge, which will have indoor exhibits on the natural history of the Sierra Nevada and the cultural history of the region as well as outdoor classroom spaces for Environmental Science, Weather, and Astronomy. Designs are in their final stages for the murals that will depict local fauna, constellations, and natural cycles to guide campers working on their badges and learning about the unique ecosystem of the Sierra National Forest. Make sure to compliment Whitsett on her “new look” while you’re up there this summer—a lot of work went into it. Like us on Facebook to see photo updates as they crop up! (more…)

Wolverton-Robbins Nature Lodge Dedicated

IMG_3593Last weekend, Camp Whitsett dedicated the Wolverton-Robbins Nature Educational Program in the newly refurbished Nature Lodge, which has been under construction since March. The revamped structure and program are dedicated to the memory of Camp Wolverton and Mike Robbins, and will become the home of a number of innovative and exciting exhibits and programs the focus on the cultural and ecological history of the Sequoia Forest.

From 1939 to 2011, Camp Wolverton served as an adventure base in Sequoia National Park. Wolverton did not operate a traditional Scout camp program, but instead gave units the opportunity to run their own programs. Troops would head to Wolverton for backpacking, hiking, fishing and camping adventures.

Mike Robbins (1940-2012) worked at Camp Wolverton for over 50 years, serving as camp director and then primary operator once the camp became an outpost. In 1987, Robbins launched the Campmaster program, which brought in old staff members each week over the summer to operate and maintain the camp.

This project was a “refurbishment” only so far as the foundation and supporting frame were the starting point for the new lodge. What was once just an empty frame where classes gathered now acts as a museum and teaching area for Scouts. Inside, scouts can find several different displays: anthropological histories of Camps Whitsett and Wolverton and the region’s Native Americans, a set of taxidermy animals native to the Sierras, and a natural history of the Sierras including geology and arboriculture. The lodge’s exterior walls are designed to open into different classroom settings. Additionally, each wall has a mural dedicated to one of the nature merit badges taught at Camp Whitsett.


Camp Whitsett greatly appreciates additions to its displays that will allow it to tell the story of the region. Scouts coming to Camp Whitsett this summer will be the first tear the Environmental Science and Astronomy Merit Badges, among others, in this exciting new space. Makes sure to come and visit when you come up to camp this summer!

All-Inclusive California Adventure


The saying goes that California is the only place in the world where you can surf in the morning, skate to lunch, and ski in the afternoon. In Los Angeles especially, there is  a concentration of ecosystems and natural resources that allow us to participate in almost every kind of outdoor activity that has yet been invented, which is probably why California remains a Mecca for adventure travel and outdoor sports.

The Western Los Angeles County Council has introduced California Excursions, a two week excursion that takes participants from the heights of the Sierra Nevada to the depths of the Pacific Ocean in a two week trip that takes advantage of the unique faucets of California that we enjoy at all three of our camps. Read more

Local Scoutmaster on Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout

ManVsScout_006_AreYouTougherThanABoyScout (Small)

Spotlight: Howard Schwartz, 44, is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 642 in Calabasas, CA, who has seen his two sons through the entire Cub Scout program and into Boy Scouts. Howard, however, never got the opportunity to do Boy Scouts because, as his mother told him when he had asked to join as a child, “Jewish boys don’t do Scouts.” He has watched his sons go become Boy Scouts with a chip on his shoulder because he had never had the opportunity to put himself to the test as a young man. Last Spring, however, Howard got the chance to see if he was Tougher Than a Boy Scout when he was cast in the pilot episode of the show after responding to a casting call for adults who had never been able to participate in Scouting as kids but wished they could have. As a contestant on the show, Howard found that the most difficult challenges were not the endurance challenges, but the challenges that required him to think clearly and act decisively under pressure. “The hardest part for me was getting out of my own way,” he says, “and just doing the skills without over-thinking them.” Howard describes the tense moments before events started as Scouts and adults alike were pushed to the limit—“Thing got a little heated” as contestants were not allowed to speak to one another about events or

ManVsScout_007_AreYouTougherThanABoyScout (Small)sharing information to keep the competitive tension that comes so vividly across when you watch the show from the other side of the screen. But onscreen sparks never started off screen fires, since the Scouts and Adults felt a mutual admiration and respect that you would expect of a Scouting community. Howard says of the Scouts, “They represented Scouting and everything ithas to offer any interested young boy.  Who wouldn’t want to do learn about all those amazing skills, become an excellent leader and develop into a well rounded citizen.” The show has only whet Howard’s appetite for Scouting adventure—“I want more challenges!” Howard will be featured on Episode 6, Man v. Scout of Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout, Mondays at 8 PM Eastern/5 Pm and 10 PM Pacific.